Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calm and Serene....

A light filled home with neutral colours always gives room for warmth and simplicity. I handpicked a few pictures from “House & Home” that’s fresh and inspiring. There is soothing whites, greys and blues….

A simple, casual and sophisticated living room. The built-in bookcase and the soft throw pillows elevate the earthy tone. I’d love to curl up on this sofa with a book!

This is an open concept style kitchen with country style dinning. The stainless steel cabinets and the dark floor give a shine to this vintage kitchen. And the reupholstered bench definitely gives a touch of elegance.

The soft whites and blues give a soothing atmosphere to the bedroom. The French door that faces the garden fills the room with light, the woodenchest gives a traditional feel and the high ceiling gives a spectacular and airy feel to this room.

Image Credits via House & Home

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George said...

I liked the first and last concepts well.

If I were to critique, then the first one is pleasant, but looks a bit like something one can put together easily with a trip to Homecenter. The couch looks different and I find the colour quite soothing and relaxing. Same goes for the cushions.

The second concept was very French/Parisienne and modern. Loved the new life to the old table with a marble top. The combination overall felt chic but a bit soul-less for me. I guess the bench just ruined it for me.

The third concept was my favourite of the three. Love the caribbean ceiling with the fan. Definitely elegant with the bedsheets and the stylish and simple black pillows for contrast. Couch looks unique too. The winners definitely for me weere the ceiling fan and the antique-ish chest!