Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunshine's Garden Boutique

A garden space at home, big or small is definitely a space to unwind. But when you add accessories along with your plants you transform your garden into a paradise. Sunshine's Garden Boutique , based in Bangalore, is one place that caters to garden accessories, sculptures, water features, furniture and different kinds of planters. Most of their products are inspired and handpicked across the globe. As you venture into this boutique you will see accessories such as terracotta, pebbles, natural driftwood and a wide range of bonsai plants. They also provide a variety of garden solutions that include landscaping and designing. I can’t wait to visit Sunshine's Garden Boutique when I am in Bangalore as I need to dress up my garden.

Click here to visit their boutique.

Images via Sunshine's Garden Boutique

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