Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Fever...

Today when I decided to blog on wedding inspirations I realized there is so much I could write…. Wedding decors, bouquets, ceremony, wedding dress, cakes….the list is endless. Moreover there is a wedding coming up in my family and i am already excited about it. So I bring to you the colours of Indian wedding through Marry me . They are wedding planners based in Mumbai who do an awesome job in getting everything organized and makes it perfect to your taste. They extend service across India and around the world. Check their website for tips, wedding planning, themes and other checklists. (Marry me - wedding planner in Mumbai)

Belle,the magazine is my favorite wedding blog. I came across a very interesting article on how to welcome guests for your wedding. Some of their ideas are very innovative.
I like the idea of having a personalized paper fan. It’s handy if it’s a summer wedding!

Click here to view other ideas to welcome your guests. I will come back with more posts on wedding.

Images 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 via Marry me

Images 7 and 8 via Belle,the magazine


Candice {Marry Me Wedding Planners} said...

Thanks for sharing the Love Rachel :-)

Look forward to doing more with you!

Rachel said...

Hi Candice. I am looking forward as well! :)

Jean said...

Oh its a programme i watch on tv...too late now..But i don't think its in kerala rite.?

Rachel said...

Hi Jean... they are actually wedding planners in mumbai. Please click on the link i provided to get more information. They do weddings across India and outside as well.