Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ideas to set your Dinning Table...

I came across this colourful article on table setting while browsing myhomeideas and it had me planning for my next party! Please click here to read all the tips. You will definitely come up with your own idea to set your table.

Picture by Monica Buck and Karen J. Downs

Picture by Dan Duchars

Picture by Polly Wreford

Picture by Erica George Dines

Images via myhomeideas


George said...

The first one is a great photograph. Love the focus clarity on the berries!

The wallpaper in the second photograph looks somewhat unique and attractive. The blue candles and glasses are all pretty by themselves and not necessarily with the background

The third photograph, well,...its PINK!!! Yawn! The only thing interesting to me is the glass dish in which the roses are kept. Also curious about the salmon coloured stuff in the dish.

The last picture is beautiful, lots of colours, the yellow dishes are unusual and the white table-cloth makes all the colours come alive! Very cheerful!!

Rachel said...

Thank you! I hope you were able to view the other table settings from the link provided.