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Design5 Studio

Decoupage is an upcycled art that involves a lot of cutting and pasting of different images, photographs, postcards or pictures on any object that will transform it into a collective art item and gives a vintage feeling to it. I am quite fascinated by this art but till today I've never really ventured into it but I hope to do so one day. I came across the work of Molly from Design5 Studio, a decoupage artist, on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with her work and I knew that very moment that I have to introduce you to her beautiful work. All her designs are just gorgeous and I personally love her jewelry boxes and her trays!

 Have a look at her beautiful decoupage work and let’s hear from Molly herself and am sure her creative journey will inspire many of you creative minds out there…

How did it all begin?  Who is the founder?
I am Molly, a decoupage artist. I have a university diploma in Fine Art & Design that sparked a lifelong practice.  I’ve created projects across various communication disciplines of design. Graphic, space, 3D, brand identity et al. After a long stint in design I decided to chase my own dreams rather than somebody else’s. Out of this dream was born –Design5 Studio.

Design5 Studio started out of my love for creating 'functional' design. I believe that design is is human. Not virtual. Because it is meant for people, for a purpose. If it does not communicate, holds no interaction, then it is not design.

At Design5 Studio, I create 'eco-whimsical’ and fun, decoupaged wooden home decor and fashion accessories out of various sources of wood. My designed products reflect my belief that a good design touches you. Tickles you and even leaves you amazed. I immerse myself in the details. I have a knack for what I do. I live for what I do… and I love what I do.

What was your inspiration to start this studio?
I have always believed that design is the medium that connects the body with the soul. It touches all your senses. And that’s how it reaches your inner being. Design5 Studio was born with this endeavor. To create design that touches people. The interface of design rarely mattered. So what was graphic in its early days became substance later on. 

Over the past years, I have tried to create work that not just meets a brief. But takes a larger responsibility. Decoupage was another expression of the same dream. It was a way to make the ordinary, extraordinary. An old European art, long forgotten became my magic wand to infuse life into not just lifeless objects but also give new meaning to my dream. It gave wings to my passion of design and more importantly expression to my creation. 

Similarly, Upcycling (of wood, structure or material) was undertaken with the promise of finding design a home that rests on a past that was forgotten or just utilized. Be it furniture, boxes, bottles or just plain old cloth. My vision just needed a surface. 

Over and above all this I keep thinking what really keeps inspiring me, pulling me together, pushing me to find new horizons, challenges and expression. What happens now is possibly answered in what triggered all this firstly…It’s my daughter. She gave me the catalyst to find energy in a creative career that almost had reached a stop. The inaction became the trigger. The inertia provided the momentum, to propel not just my life, but my design journey. Design5 Studio is my vision.

What's unique about your products? And what's the most fast moving one? Tell us a bit about your product range.
I design, handcraft and decoupage wooden products. Right from Soft Birch Wood Hand Clutches, Keepsake Jewellery Boxes, Trays, Clocks to exclusive Wooden Jewellery. 

Reviving vintage furniture using Decoupage is a deep passion. Bringing old, worn out furniture pieces back to life brings an enormous amount of creative satisfaction. And everything has an option of personalisation too. These products make for great signature accessories for yourself and your home.

My most selling products are my keepsake/jewellery boxes and recently my wooden earrings have become my star attraction!

What is your vision for Design5 Studio?
Something we all believe in and truly is what we work towards. Personally, as well as professionally. We strive for objects, accomplices, and accessories. This applies for our homes too.

At Design5studio, our endeavor is to make you and your homes, beautiful. More beautiful.

Thanks Molly for sharing your journey with me and my readers. And we hope to see more and more of your beautiful work and keep inspiring us all.

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All Images are via Design5Studio


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