Thursday, March 3, 2016

Home Tour: Residence of Disha from Design, Decor & Disha

I met Disha, a super talented lady, through her blog and I was just blown away by her gorgeous home and her passion for home decor, her art, her enthusiasm for DIY and her style. Today Disha gives us a glimpse of how her home exudes ethnicity, colours, textures and happiness with her amazing talent. She has created a beautiful cozy and inviting home, with a beautiful mix of old & new, vibrant colours and different textures. Her passion is chronicled in her blog, Design Decor& Disha, and it is a one stop for inspirational ideas for home decor and art & DIY ideas.

Are you ready to see her beautiful home?? Well Disha has graciously opened up her home to take us through her lovely space... over to you Disha.

Thank you, Rachel, for inviting me here on your lovely blog. I am honoured.

I wear many hats, I am a work at home mother, freelance writer, blogger and sometimes I enjoy being an artist, crafter and gardener too. (Let me share a secret here, I slip into various roles easily as situation demands. For an instance, I play electrician, plumber, cleaner, domestic help, driver, technician and what not when the need arises).

I am a decor enthusiast and love everything that is aesthetically pleasing if it isn't then I turn it into an eye pleasing stuff. Okay! A lot of bragging has been done now let me show you how these roles that I play every day give me the opportunity to do what I love most. Let's take a tour of my home with me as I wear one hat at a time. My home, a place that has been evolving with my decor aesthetics each passing day. I love warm hues and hence you will get to see lots of warm colours in my home.

As a blogger and freelance writer, I get lots of opportunities to play around with my imaginations while doing product photo shoot and styling.


A dormant artist in me often wakes up and creates something and then I have to find a place to display it. Here are some of my artworks that I display proudly in my home.

This is Madhubani painting that I asked my sister to draw and then I filled the colours with homemade natural dyes.

Below are the Lippan work (mud mirror work) wooden panels that have got several thousand views on my YouTube channel. 

Stale coffee in my kitchen cabinet was put to good use and result was this Buddha painting.

Now let me wear a crafter's hat. I am an avid crafter and I love to reuse, recycle and upcycle. In my home, you will see a lot of recycled and upcycle stuff.

This is my foyer wall that had painted when I moved into my apartment five years ago. The sunburst mirror you see here is an example of best out of waste (made from broomsticks)

A dry branch that I found in my balcony garden is now blooming and looking perfect in my living room.

I make newspaper coasters and paint them in striking colours and patterns. One such coaster set in the image below was done in Suzani pattern.
A glass bottle I painted a long ago.
Now meet a gardener Disha :) I love gardening and find it therapeutic. Whenever I am stressed either I paint or I love to spend time with my plants. 
I keep changing my garden decor the same way I keep changing my home decor. I love creating Zen spots and there is one in my balcony garden too. I take pride in saying that all my planters are hand painted.

I totally enjoyed being here on 'Tickled by Inspirations' with you all. Thanks once again Rachel for having me here :)

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful home tour treat... I loved it and i don’t mind just browsing through it again and again... Thanks so much Disha for opening up your beautiful home to me and my readers. I wish you all the best and hope to meet you in person soon!!

Click here to browse through her blog, here to follow her on Instagram and here to get updates through her Facebook page. Enjoy your Thursday!!

Images are copyright Disha


lovelifeunderthesun said...

Disha has a beautiful home :-).... Enjoyed the post and her home!

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Thank you Vandana :) and thanks to you too Rachel :)

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Thank you Vandana :) and thanks to you too Rachel :)

Rachel said...

Pleasure to feature your home Disha.
Thanks Bandana! Glad you enjoyed this post! @Bandana