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Studio Dhi

Recently I came across this minimalistic lamp on Engrave, which is something new and fresh. And I found myself browsing through similar gorgeous lamps made by the same home décor brand, called Studio Dhi.  Kavya Sundaram, an architect by profession whose passion is interiors, is the brainchild behind this brand and Mithun Stephen is the co-founder who takes care of marketing and technical sphere. If you have an old wall unit or a coffee table that needs some kind of upliftment, Studio Dhi is the right place to be.

Have a look at the lamps that she has designed and let’s get to know more about Studio Dhi from Kavya herself and about the décor services that she offers…


Tell us a bit about yourself and your inspiration to start Studio Dhi
I am Kavya Sundaram an Architect by profession and a designer by passion. I hold a degree in Architecture and am passionate about interior design. I am the founder of this concept design studio and Mithun Stephen is the co-founder, who’s behind the technical knowhow and marketing.

We all know that there are talented architects and interior designers to design innovative spaces, but there is hardly any expertise in the home decor area. Home Decor plays a role equally important as the building envelop. “The space you inhabit is an extension of yourself” it defines your character, mood, work everything. This is how Studio Dhi’s intervention began. Also during our on field research with the home décor items, to our surprise we discovered that the kind of décor and furnishings existed 10 years back are still continuing. Everyone has their own dream space to create but with the existing products in the market, they are forced to choose the products which are at the least close to their expectation, which results in having a regular space like any other… But Studio Dhi focuses on creating a new grammar to your space!

What does “Dhi” signify?
“Dhi” is a Sanskrit word which has many meanings like being meaningful, understanding, reflection, design, intelligence, opinion, meditation and lot more. Everything we wanted to say about our brand, fitted in just these three letters.

How unique is Studio Dhi?

Every product at Studio Dhi is made entirely by hand from heart taking inspiration from around. The idea behind this brand is to create a complete environment, both interiors and exteriors by simple and innovative designs. We dream of bringing luxurious, hand‐crafted décor accessories to living spaces across the world. Presenting you is a platform to celebrate art and culture through great products.       

What is your vision for Studio Dhi?
In today’s lifestyle, we see décor and furniture as two separate elements. These two elements together complete a space. Future of home décor is about slowly transforming these two elements as one, where your furniture doubles as a décor. We are currently working towards that.

Any home décor tips for my readers?
Most of my clients have one question in common i.e ‘How do I make a space look appealing?’ Well here are some tips


·         Try to follow balance, proportion and harmony.

·         Choose Quality over quantity

·         Add some Details — small touches of designs on elements in the room.

·         Choose Neutral, calming tones with earth tones.

·         Last but not the least Light plays a huge part.


We always follow our decorating mantra "less is more."

Thanks Kavya for sharing your inspiration and experience with us and for the lovely home décor tips.
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Images via Studio Dhi


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