Monday, May 28, 2012

Kya Cheez Hai

The Indian Bangalore based team, Parul Kanodia and Uzma Ahmedi, created a fun and youthful brand called Kya Cheez Hai. Their desire to add funk and zing to everyday products such as paper clips, USB sticks, magnets, book marks and so on has brought fun and colour to a mundane office enviornment.

Have a look at their products and enjoy the edgy and versatile characters on each product which will definitely make you say Kya Cheez Hai!!

Large bookmark paperclip

USB Range


Cable Twister

Cable Twister

Bendable Magnets


Hair brushes

Click here to explore the world of Kya Cheez Hai and if you wish to get in touch you can email them at

Images via Kya Cheez Hai

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