Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project became a global phenomenon when Sheena Matheiken took an unusual challenge and used fashion as a medium to create social responsibility in consumer culture. Irish born, Indian raised and New York based, Sheena launched the Uniform Project pledging to wear one little black dress for 365 days as a fundraiser to support the Akanksha Foundation – a non-profit organization providing education to children living in Indian slums. This creative online platform acquired millions of visitors worldwide and raised 100k for the cause that put 300 kids in school.

I was so fascinated and inspired by the whole creative exercise where Sheena had to reinvent the little black dress with only reused, vintage pre-owned or donated accessories. This project inspired women to make the most out of what they have in their closets while raising awareness for a cause. The creativity, the passion and love that went into this project is amazing.I realized that philanthropy can be fun and creative and need not be somber.

View these pictures on how Sheena puts together a new look with her little black dress for each day.

Click here to listen to Sheena talk at TEDx Dubai and here to visit the Uniform Project website.

Images via The Uniform Project

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