Monday, May 7, 2012

Library Retreat

I read somewhere that a home library is an expression of your personality. It’s not just a space for book enthusiasts but for relaxing and stimulating your mind or an area for board games. I’ve always wanted a home library, that special space for reading surrounded by my favorite books - coming from a book lover. In today’s world, even if e-books are increasingly popular nothing compares to reading a good book. You don’t have to have a large mansion, or even a dedicated room to achieve a beautiful library. A hallway is a good place for books or even under a staircase or a corner built-in book shelf near your window. Here are some of my favorite home libraries

Historic Irving Gill eclectic family room

Riverhouse eclectic family room

Forest View Residence Library traditional media room

Kitchen with Library and Guest Bath contemporary family room

Glenn Gissler Design contemporary staircase

Willow Glen Residence eclectic living room

Canary Cottage traditional living room

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Neil said...

Would love to have a library at home....working on it.