Saturday, May 5, 2012

Patchwork Pottery

If you are into crafts you will definitely be inspired by Laurraine’s designs for quilts. Laurraine Yuyama is a self-taught quilter who has been designing and sewing her own quilted crafts for years. She enjoys combining elements from both her passions of patchwork and pottery – creating dishes with patches of intricate patterns, and quilting three-dimensional teapots and teacups. She is greatly inspired by tea, Japanese country patchwork, and the online craft community where she is known as Patchwork Pottery. Laurraine’s patterns have been published internationally. She sews, blogs and sells her pattern booklets online from her bright attic studio in New Westminster, BC Canada.

Click here to follow her lovely blog and enjoy her unique style.

Images via Patchwork Pottery


Sapna Anu B.George said...

Lovely ones, wish you were in india or muscat, i would have ransaked your house for all these wonderful pieces.y 2 friends in muscat, Mini and Nima... both do quilting and patchwork. they are there in your page too.

Eva | Natural Toys said...

Absolutely wonderful! Love those cup cakes ;)

Mar said...

Que maravillosos diseños!gracias