Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anastaseya Photography

When you observe and see something beautiful you want to capture it and make it last forever. Anastaseya’s services are as varied as the beautiful images she captures. She is a natural light photographer and does everything from pregnancy and newborn photography to family and portrait photography.

Anastaseya, half Ukranian half Bahraini married to Omani, has been in Oman for 11 years. She is a full time mom to 3 wonderful kids. Photography has always been a hobby for her that turned to profession two years ago. She took a very basic course on how to use a professional camera , the rest was self taught, she read a lot, watched tutorials and practiced.

Her advice to aspiring photographers – “Start small you don't need a huge expensive camera and gear to take great pictures and just practice makes perfect.”

Here are some of life's special moments captured through her lens

Click here to view her facebook page that offers a sample of her beautiful work and feel free to contact her to capture some your life’s special moments.

Images via Anastaseya Photography

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