Sunday, December 20, 2015

DIY Christmas Decor

I always enjoy creating my own Christmas centre piece which I do every year. This is so simple to create, yet elegant and budget friendly. Display the pinecone ornaments and shiny ball ornaments in a bowl. To give a more rustic look you can even layer it with wreath.

Have a look at these pictures of my centerpiece and I hope this inspires you and enjoy the countdown to Christmas!

Images are clicked by me


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Maria's Jewellery

Jewellery enhances one’s style and clay jewelry market has been booming over the years.  To create a unique jewellery piece requires craftsmanship and aesthetics. Mary Koshy is one such jewellery designer who has all these qualities. I came across her designs and I found it to be fresh, elegant and earthy.  Mary was is UK and recently moved to Oman and over the years she has juggled from hand embroidery, metal embossing, crochet and pencil sketching till she found her true calling, which is jewellery designing. She was trained under a French designer in UK and her experiments on clay continued as she added her style to her pieces.  

Here is what Mary had to share regarding her inspiration to start her own collection

"Creativity and art has always been part of daily life in my family, but my passion for making jewellery started when I moved to Jersey, UK. Jersey is a small island brimming with flowers throughout the year, this was my initial inspiration as you can see from my range. Nature has always been my inspiration. I was intrigued by the endless possibilities of polymer clay jewellery. Any colour or combination no matter how complex, can be formed to meet any taste.  
Perfection in work, variation in designs and modern styles are the main reasons why my jewellery stands out among others. The range of influences makes sure my pieces remain unique. Perfection, is the motto of my work, where each and every bead is hand crafted with full of passion.  

When ordering through my website or my face book page, each customer has the option to customise their jewellery to meet their taste. I prefer custom work, as polymer clay jewellery looks elegant with matching colour attire. Each and every bead is hand crafted, with the accessories chosen specifically to match – no expense and time is spared!
Having just moved to Muscat, the surroundings and environment is very different to Jersey, and my new collection has reflected this. Currently I am designing some African and Indian inspired jewellery, as well as some unique flower combinations." 

Have a look at her beautiful pieces that she has created.…

Click here to view her Maria’s Jewellery website and if you wish to customize or order you can write to
So treat yourself or gift your loved one with one of Maria’s jewellery as Christmas is around the corner!
Images via Mary Koshy