Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thinking of you....

Hey everyone! I find it so hard to get back to my routine, especially when you’ve had a good holiday… As I browse through my pictures I realized I have not shared any with you… nor have I blogged in a while… but I have to say…  You were always on my mind…  yup true!! Who else can I share my holiday experience and inspirations with? But for those who were following me on Instagram would have seen bits and pieces of my travels.

Europe trip gave me amazing architectural, food, wine and magical experience… and my trip to God’s own country tickled my décor bone with lots of inspirations to take away, peppered with instant soul connections and more importantly family time. I have tons of pictures to sort out while I recuperate from a nasty cold…. And indulge in the stash I got from all the shopping!
As I browse through my emails and reply… jotting down to-do lists ……I try to focus on writing some articles… … deciding on storyboards & mood boards…  and looks like I have September dedicated to organizing and writing and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some time for painting as well.  

So here I am … and stay tuned for more!!
These are just a few of my stash from my recent holiday shopping : )

P.S.  To those who are eagerly waiting for my reply I will be with you soon!! Am still neck deep with my emails. Chat soon!
Image clicked by me