Thursday, April 28, 2016

Home Tour: Residence of Hemal from Nairobi

It’s time for the best before the weekend arrives… yes it’s time for Home Tours!!! (applause)…. And today’s home tour is a home that gives a global feel with a good mix of ethnic, asian and african inspiration. I bumped into Hemal on Instagram and I was instantly drawn towards her gallery of her beautiful home pictures. Hemal’s love for travel is reflected in her home décor and she has mixed and matched her momentos and other inspiring pieces so beautifully. Hemal, based in Nairobi, has created a home with a comforting soul and I could feel plenty of it as I had my virtual tour. I also loved her attention to details to keep the earthy tone theme. She is an architect by profession and also a brilliant artist. So let’s hear more from Hemal, sit back and enjoy this visual treat!

Hemal's cozy living room

"I’m from New Delhi and we moved to Nairobi about 3 years ago. I’m an architect by training but have worked extensively in the field of art and culture.  I share my home with my husband and our 2 bubbly young boys.

Our home is our sanctuary. It is an amalgamation of our travels and collected memories. As a family we like to travel a lot, I always tend to pick up something for my home from the places we visit. Isar Gauri statues from Rajasthan, kneeling Teppanom statues from Thailand, masks from Sri Lanka, studio pottery from South Africa, dolls from Japan, a beautifully framed butterfly shaped lock from Hong Kong, carved wooden animals from Zanzibar, carpet and ceramics from Turkey, terracotta plates from Mexico and brass curios bought from flea markets in India and US. When I display these Knick knacks around the house along with thoughtful gifts from friends and family, I’m reminded every day of the happy times that we shared and the memories we made.

With 2 boys under the age of 12 running around the house, nothing can be too precious!  The poor masks in the corridor have borne the brunt of their cricket games. I clearly remember the times when I have glued the broken pieces back!

I would describe my décor style as Global eclectic with a bit of rustic vintage! I love warm colors and interesting play of textures. The word, “handmade” just makes my heart melt……..from pottery to woodwork to textiles to artwork, I’m always partial to handmade stuff!

I also never underestimate the power of the common houseplant.  A dash of green and fresh flowers around the house bring in everyday freshness and add cheer to the humdrum of our daily lives. Kenya is such a tropical paradise, there is abundance of roses and tropical flowers to choose from.

My style is influenced by my mother and my aunt. When I was young, we used to live in a joint family system in a beautiful bungalow with a lovely garden. My mother liked to collect brass antiques and make beautiful embroidery, she would display the brass around the house and all the tablecloths and cushions would have her embroidery on them. My aunt is an artist and our home used to be a gallery of her paintings of varied subjects from Umar Khayyam to batiks to Mythology. My grandfather was an avid gardener and our garden had blooms of some kind year round. The memories of my childhood home had a big impression on my décor style. I think that’s the reason why I tend to take inspiration from vintage décor. I’m intrigued by art and cultures of people around the world, bright colors and foliage of the tropics also never cease to amaze me.

Ofcourse, pinterest and home décor blogs are bottomless pools of constant inspiration.

My favorite place in the house... This would definitely be my balcony, it overlooks a cute little house and lush green foliage around it. Beautiful sunbirds, crows, ibis and sparrows love to hang around the trees. Bright bougainvillea make our morning cups of tea cheerful and we wait for the jacaranda tree to bloom every year!

My Favorite things... Difficult to choose one, as I love everything but I would say the brass lock from Hong Kong, the Isar Gauri statues and the old carved door from Mali."
Brass lock from Hong Kong... one of Hemal's treasures
this is one my favorite... that's a wooden carved door up on the wall
Love her style of vignette
fresh flowers always add charm... and on the wall are Hemal's water colour paintings
Thank you Hemal for sharing your beautiful home with me and my readers!! There are definitely plenty of inspirations to take away!!
If you wish to follow her on instagram click here and to browse through her art please click here.
I hope you all enjoyed this home tour!! Enjoy the rest of your day and the upcoming weekend!
Images copyright Hemal


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