Friday, January 25, 2019

Home Tour: Residence of Priyanka from North Carolina

Let’s start the new season of home tours for the New Year with a gorgeous home all the way from

North Carolina, USA. Priyanka Simgekar, a décor enthusiast, experiments her home with a mix of contemporary and rustic décor that gives a warm and peaceful vibe. There is pops of white, neutrals, colours, wooden textures, beautiful textiles and pops of green. Her décor is mostly functional and yet stylish. She has used storage boxes in the form of books, a wicker basket in the foyer to store gloves, scarves and hats to avoid clutter. Priyanka loves nature and she has displayed her indoor plants and flowers from her garden and created her Zen corner. And her home gets a good amount of sunlight streaming in which is such a wonderful mood booster for any home!!

Grab a cup of tea and get ready for the virtual home and lets her more from Priyanka about her décor inspiration and style.

Foyer - Love the rustic charm but at the same time functional

Tell us something about yourself. 

I am a Marathi girl born and raised in Hyderabad. I came to the US for studies and have been residing here for past 13 years. I am married to a Marwari from Delhi, so we both are exposed to different environments and we thoroughly enjoy the diversity in cultures and food. I have a four year old who is super energetic and curious, and keeps my hands full all the time. We have been living in apartments until we got our current home little over an year ago. Our home is a new construction builder grade and hence has a very modern look, so I am always trying to add some character and charm to it. I would say it is still a work in progress with the room for constant improvement, in fact there are many corners that haven’t been touched yet. 

What is your Décor Inspiration?

I had no idea that home décor could even be a hobby or passion until I ventured out on Pinterest and Instagram for décor ideas when we moved into our home. I thought it was only for the magazines to sell their stuff !!  So my décor obsession started recently and the inspiration came from all the beautiful images I saw online. You know how it is when you happen to see breathtakingly beautiful pictures of some landscape, rivers or mountains and you really want to be in them and feel the moment; that’s how exactly I felt looking at some pictures. That inspired me to try creating my own sanctuary at the comfort of my home. A place that I would want to get back, enjoy and relax at the end of the day, and that according to me is the ultimate luxury.

Living Room: Love the pops of blue against the white

the grey tone has set the mood for the dinning area

What is your Decor Style?

I would say it is an eclectic mix, as I do not fall into any one category of style. I fear the monotony of sticking to one style. However I do like rustic style the most as it imbibes raw, organic and natural elements and you would see that rustiness in my decor pieces and furniture. With eclectic style it is tricky to combine different elements and bring them into harmony. Hence one rule I try to follow is to strike a balance between the colors and textures as it is easy to fall to one side and get overboard. There is one other thing I try to achieve whenever possible is to use every day regular items in my decor. These could be books, plants, storage hooks/racks, decorative storage boxes baskets, textiles, crockery and so on. These not only makes spaces look beautiful but also functional without having to deal with clutter and the burden of accumulating stuff over time. In that way I also consider myself a minimalist trying to create, simple, bright, crisp and airy spaces with clean lines. 

Family lounge area: the rustic centre table and that wooden ladder shelf has stolen my heart!

Your Favorite Space.

As I am a nature lover, I like the green corner of my home which is the bay window by the dining table. It is the most sun lit area of the home and perfect spot for my green babies during winter. I do enjoy my summers in the backyard gardening, but for now it is my happy place.

Priyanka's zen corner with her beautiful indoor plants

Beautiful styled Kitchen sink.. note how she used her rolling pin board as a stand and her pretty cut labels
Ethnic Desi corner with bold colours

Can you provide some décor tips for my readers?

Be practical - go for a style that works for you best, rather than going for something just because it is a trend. I am a huge fan of modern farmhouse style which mostly means neutral/white theme. But with a four year old, I cannot go for a neutral furniture not does Indian cooking goes well with white cabinets (unless I have a cleaning squad or I commit to cleaning every day).

Less is more when it comes to styling - with clean lines even simple things pop out beautifully bringing up the much needed points of interest

Be content with what you have in hand and make most of it. All you need is little creativity and sometimes out of box thinking to make beautiful and interesting spaces

Diligently follow the process of re-purposing and restyling, and curb your urge to buy new stuff often. And do not forget Purging once in a while. 

Her gorgeous outdoor space

Thank you so much Priyanka for opening up your beautiful home to me and my readers. Just viewing your home gave us so much comfort and ease! And tons of inspiration to take away!

Stay tuned for more home tours!

Above pictures are via Priyanka