Thursday, December 21, 2017

DIY Christmas Cards

Gone are the days when we used to make Christmas cards and post them to our loved ones…

In order to revive this and keep the tradition going, my dearest sis’ Anju took the initiative to pull all our cousins together on this little project. So all of us decided to make simple Christmas cards and send to each other. And this small initiative brought back nostalgic Christmas memories. Mailing addresses were exchanged with each other… and our creative skills were put in use. (Thank you Anju!)

I came across a brilliant DIY Christmas project on Pinterest where you just use Q-tips and some acrylic colours. And I had a fabulous time doing this with my 7 year old!!

  • So all you need are some acrylic colors - preferably Christmas colors, Q-tips for each color, Colored or white card paper and a paper plate to put colors on.

  • Create a card by folding the paper.

  • If you are making a Christmas tree then dip your Q-tip on green color and make dots into a tree shape.

  • Then add ornaments by making different colored dots. It is as simple as that!!!

  • Use your creativity, make any Christmas scene and have fun doing it with your little ones!!!

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Chocolate Roast Almond Bark

Christmas is calling and you definitely need chocolate during this season! Any recipe for a chocolate bark is one the easiest non-baking treats to make and a great homemade gift. Absolutely simple to make and it is a recipe where you can keep improvising with the ingredients. This is a highly addictive and easy to make treat and I am sure you will enjoy making it. So let’s move on to the recipe.

Makes about 30 pieces


10 oz. semi-sweet Chocolate chips

1 cup sliced almonds

1 tbsp. Butter

½ cup or more crushed toffee bits (you get it readymade)

A pinch of salt


1.       Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

2.       Toast almonds in butter with salt.

3.       Melt the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and cook on high in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring after each one, until melted and smooth.

4.       Once the chocolate is melted and silky in texture, add the almonds, crushed toffee bits and stir well.

5.       Pour the chocolate onto the parchment paper and use a rubber spatula to spread it in a thin layer. It will cover the better part of the baking sheet. Sprinkle the balance toffee bits and sprinkle stars on it as I did to add color.

6.       Put the baking sheet into the fridge for 10 minutes. Remove from fridge and leave on the counter to cool and harden for several hours or overnight.

7.       Once completely cool, break the chocolate into pieces that are a couple of bites each.

8.       Store in an air-tight container or package up for gifts.

·         Add raisins or any dry fruits to give a different flavor
·         You can substitute almonds with walnuts and pistachios.
·         You can use dark chocolate or milk chocolate or even white chocolate.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

DIY Christmas Center Piece

It is that time of the year… The weather is chilly and perfect… cups of coffee and hot chocolate being served around… the Christmas tree and décor is up… the baking aroma from the kitchen constantly giving us nostalgic memories… and the carols playing in the background. Perfect countdown to Christmas...            

Every year for Christmas, I try to come up with something new for my coffee table and this year I am trying out with something old, new and gold… All you need is a small or mini cake stand, any Christmas ornament to flaunt on your cake stand and some pine cones to sprinkle around and voila your center piece is ready to make a statement. I placed a mini Christmas tree on my cake stand instead of ornaments. Use your imagination to place something nice on the cake stand like scented candles or pine cones.  It is simple, less time consuming and looks fabulous! Tell me what do you think of my coffee table center piece?

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Recycled DIY Cards

One of the nicest things about recycled cards is that it’s a great way to teach about recycling and sustainability. I had a pile of some wedding invitation cards that’s of absolutely no use now and I stashed it away hoping to recycle it all at some point. And since Christmas is around the corner I decided to recycle these invite cards into Christmas cards. So I cut them all into half… discarded the inner sheet that had the invite details and used my recently acquired calligraphy skills in use. Isn’t it a gorgeous (and green)idea?

Love these self embossed prints on the card... so hard to throw them away! 
Cut the card into half... I will definitely use the Invitation printed side for future use so I have kept it away :)

My Calligraphy skill in use!

Lots more to write!!

Do you have a fun project for Christmas? Please share your ideas with good resolution pictures and mail to . I will gladly share it with my readers.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Inspiring Journey: Nikita from Dreamscape Studio

There so many women I know who do not seek celebrity or recognition but chose to positively help others and see how they can make a difference and chase it passionately. As we enter the season of giving I hope to focus a spotlight on inspiring women who are making a difference with their humble stories.

Today’s spotlight is on Nikita, a psychologist based in Chennai, who started a studio to empower women and college students…  it is a point of destination where a person can take a small powerful step towards a positive change.

Let’s hear more from Nikita herself and her journey                                                                                          
"My name is Nikita J Vyas. I am a Psychologist, a life coach, a blogger of “Dreamscape Studio”. Personally, I am an ardent lover of books. I enjoy reading, writing, an introvert (proud) and a dreamer. I believe in dreams and day-dream all the time. I find freedom in dreaming and that is what I wish for all my clients, freedom from self-limiting beliefs towards a more dream like life.
Journey as a psychologist
Psychology and Counselling witnessed a lot of changes from the time I graduated and fortunately its importance is being recognized and approached quite widely today. Psychologists are being recognized even in the corporate world. It was not very approachable a few years back and options for jobs were quite limited.
My journey as a Psychologist, began after my Under-Graduation. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and went on to do my masters in Counselling Psychology followed by an M.Phil. in Psychology from Chennai. During my academic year I had the opportunity to work as a Clinical and School Psychologist, to attain first-hand experience.
Professionally I was a bit uncertain about my calling whether it was clinical or School or independent etc. Since I didn’t have a in Psychology not a lot of doors opened up for me. I had to work as a School Psychologist. Even though I was counselling clients independently and conducting training workshops on personality development and career planning for college students, I felt that my talent and creativity was quite limited. The places I worked concentrated on Business rather than Service. Enraged with the hypocrisy, unjust and politics I quit my job and decided to start my own service.

The birth of dreamscape studio
The idea of Dreamscape Studio, started with a blog and a series called “Dream Tales”, which featured stories of inspiring women (men sometimes) to encourage and motivate all those who needed a push. The series created a pathway for me to understand the use of creativity in my work and I decided to pursue Dreamscape Studio as a company.
The idea or the Vision of Dreamscape Studio is to provide Life Coaching to women to help them understand “Self-Awareness”. Self Esteem, Self-confidence, Self-Identity, self-love, self-respect, self-image are all the aspects to understand yourself better, a glitch or lack of awareness in either is responsible for unhappiness or failure.
I believe that Self Awareness works as the foundation for a successful life. The process of Self-awareness is not easy; however, it is quite adventurous and helpful in the long run.

Why only Women?
I am usually asked if I am biased toward my own gender and therefore have chosen to stick towards the upliftment of women. I don’t believe I am biased, as much as concerned. Being an Indian woman, I understand the pressure that we endure and even though women of India have come a long way, there are still many still in need for proper guidance and awareness. Especially if they are managing multiple roles.
Being in the healthcare and service industry it is important to focus more toward the people rather than Business. At Dreamscape Studio, the focus is toward people, keeping in mind their cultural, financial and social backgrounds. The sessions are tailor-made. Since each individual is unique so are their behaviours and thought-patterns.  
A Studio is a place of creation. A workshop to make something beautiful and creative. I wanted a space where people could come and redesign their lives by working on themselves, their behaviours and thoughts. Therefore, I decided to name it a studio rather than centre, my approach is unconventional and according to the needs of the client.
At Dreamscape Studio, what I truly wanted to accomplish or what I truly dreamed of, was to encourage women to become independent and enjoy their lives by improving their lifestyle. Dreamscape is a place where women can and feel unburdened from the pressure of society or from the limitations they feel they may have due to past experiences. This is a place where one can come and expect a change in them, a small but powerful step towards Self-awareness.
There is a thin line between counselling and life-coaching. I wanted to blend the two. At Dreamscape, guidance is given in the form of motivations, counselling to heal from the past and gradually move on to the present to dream for a better future.

Ways for people to reach out to you
To get in touch with me one can leave me an email (
Follow me on Instagram at –
Follow the blog for various series and segments –

Words of advice for my readers
There is a saying I believe in, “Life never delivers anything we cannot handle”. Trust in life and its cues makes living so much more beautiful. And while you are at it, believe in your dreams as well. Dreams do come true, just because it hasn’t come true today doesn’t mean it never will. Be patient and fearless. Befriend your fear and weaknesses and shield yourself with your failures. "

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hello December

I had to pinch myself to believe we have finally set into the month of joy and giving… And I am yet to put up our Christmas décor and the tree… So instead of thinking where the time flew I think it’s better to just dive in to the festivities!  

I am so sure many of you have already put up your gorgeous Christmas tree and busy with your DIY and into Christmas baking. Do share your décor ideas or DIY or recipes and email me at  . I will gladly share it on Tickled by Inspirations wall.

Meanwhile stay tuned to some of my Christmas DIY inspirations. Enjoy this beautiful season! Let this December be kind to everyone, hopeful and reassure us all a bright new beginning!

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