Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Choti Moti

Today we speak to a sister duo that launched their venture on a whim and for their sheer love for lifestyle products, design and décor. The Choti Moti sisters, Shalini and Saveen, based in Munich, recently launched their unique online store that caters to lifestyle products. Their products are funky, quirky, boho, chic and ethnic. And they provide a platform for different labels with a curate collection that ranges from accessories and home décor products. I personally love the distinct mood they have created with their collection. It is more like a celebration of good things in life.

Let’s hear more from the beautiful duo

How did it all start?
Choti Moti is an online store showcasing modern Indian lifestyle designs. We currently stock handmade jewellery, textiles, stationery, bags and footwear. We have consciously chosen partners, whose design process is creative as well as sustainable and helps keeps the traditional art of handmade alive.

We have always been passionate about design and decor and working together on something we both felt inspired by was a long cherished dream despite our comfortable corporate jobs in Dubai and Muscat, where we both were based for the last decade. An opportunity to move back with our families to Munich last summer was the first step in realizing our dream and a year later, here we are. 

What inspired you both to this venture?
The inspiration to start Choti Moti came from annual visits home to India, where we realized the indian design scene was buzzing with creative talent and amazing lifestyle products from both budding and established designers. Apart from a few renowned names that are known in the international market, there are a plethora of Indian brands that remain undiscovered beyond the local or national retail scene. We also realized that with Choti Moti, we could cater to a niche in the German market, where people, while familiar with India, its cuisine and the ever popular yoga, are largely unaware of how much India has to offer in terms of design and sustainability; something that they care deeply about. 

Why the name Choti Moti?

We wanted a name that had an Indian origin but at the same time would be easy for a non-indian audience to pronounce and remember. We also wanted the name to represent the range of lifestyle products we were looking to showcase; from elegant to vibrant, retro and quirky, which is why we chose "Choti Moti", a Hindi term denoting knick knacks. The words are easy to say, playful and as proven time and again, a definite conversation starter with our German customers, who are invariably curious about its meaning. Just ask the UPS guy, who delivered our first shipment of products! 

What is the product range that you deal with?

We have an interesting mix of handmade eclectic as well as delicate silver jewelry; some of which are set with precious and semi precious stones, block printed and hand stitched cotton duvets, table and cushion covers, recycled and upcycled stationery and a vibrant range of custom print bags, wallets and footwear. 

What are your dreams for Choti Moti?

We once read it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together and with Choti Moti we are truly living our dream. We hope to grow our brand organically and include more product categories, such as crockery, furniture and apparel. The ultimate dream is to have our own boutique store with a small cafe within, where we can offer our customers a complete Indian lifestyle experience through a seamless blend of tradition and modern Indian design. 

There are so many things that has caught my eye and here are a few of my favorite things

Bags and coasters

Silver Dragon fly Pendants
Love this wallet!

Beautiful Silver Necklace

Block printed "Royal Sultana" quilt
Funky Sandals

Beautiful Cushions

Wishing the Choti Moti sisters a great success in their journey!! More power to this duo!

Please click here to browse through their products, here to access their Facebook and here to follow them on Instagram.

Images via Choti Moti


Monday, July 18, 2016


Hey everyone… I know I haven’t posted in a bit… which means either I was busy with some work or unwell or traveling. Well I was travelling and had a memorable family vacation and I am back enjoying the holiday blues while browsing through all the pictures. And I can’t wait to share some of my favorite pictures with you all… so stay tuned, keep reading as I bring more inspirations and beauty around! I hope each one of you is keeping well, healthy and happy!

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