Thursday, April 24, 2014

India Circus and Give - Aways

India Circus, a premium brand that offers lifestyle products with a combination of inspiring designs and colours represents renowned designer Krsna Mehta’s stylish journey. Each product of India Circus offers his meticulous artwork. The brand is inspired by a delightful eclectic mix of colour, themes and lush flora and fauna of rich Indian heritage with a twist of quirkiness giving the product a contemporary look. Krsna Mehta’s eye for details makes the India Circus products brim with sophistication. I personally love the prints used which are influenced by Indian palette of motifs like lotus, paisleys, peacocks, palaces and ikats. Their product range consists of colourful bright cushions, exquisite crockery, bags and i-phone covers with quirky designs and many more lifestyle products. And one my favorites are the beautifully designed premium crockery or dinner set that includes dinner plates, bowls, tea cups and coffee mugs.

India Circus is partnered with groups like WestWing,, Haute Look and many other big names with buyers all over the world. And it continues to aim department stores that specialises with home décor, accessories and interiors.


Let’s get to know a bit more about India Circus from designer Krsna Mehta himself

Krsna Mehta
Why the name India circus?
When I was deciding the creative path that we were going to take with India Circus, it occurred to me that the absolute diversity from which I draw inspiration is so vast that once they are all under one roof, it would be nothing short of a Circus... an Indian Circus. Thus the name was born.

And how did it begin?
Being a person who is highly interested in good Home Décor, I often found that there weren’t any designs. The idea and concept was born out of the lack of great Indian designs at great prices! I wanted to make and promote Contemporary Indian design and culture. A larger section of middle income Indians couldn’t afford to have well designed products. Thus an idea was born and from a simple concept it grew and has become what it is.  

Where do you draw your inspiration for your designs?
I am inspired by all things Indian. I get inspired by things like the road side chai-wala and also India’s rich historical heritage. Thus, I incorporate all of my India based inspiration in my work and translate that inspiration into a design philosophy that is contemporary India.

How would you describe your design style and do you have a signature touch with your designs?
My style could be characterized as Indian Contemporary. The defining element would be my use of colour in the designs. The use of colours is very integral to my designs.  

What is your big dream for India Circus?
To become an affordable fashion brand with a global presence.

What décor tips would you like to give my readers?
When doing up your home try to stay away from the predictable. Experiment with different textures, paint and fabrics such as smooth, rough, matte and so on. Sometimes even the smallest of details can help transform a room. Instead of investing in a completely new look, just get some colourful cushion covers, wall art and other accessories which will definitely liven up the space.

Here is a glimpse of my favorite picks

Colourful Cushions

a beautiful coffee mug

Premium Crockery

Rustic Candle Votives

A beautiful artwork of a Begum in her garden
Coasters with lotus prints

Trendy Bags

Click here to browse through India Circus web page and shop online. At present they have some amazing offers going on and trust me browsing through their products is like an array of colourful eye candy.

 And for some exciting news!!!! Participate in the following contest as India Circus has offered two give-aways for two winners!! And this contest is open to everyone!!!! Each winner will win the following:
  • a candle votive
  • a cushion cover
  • 1 set of coasters

India Circus Give-aways!!
 Just perfect to add that extra touch to your home. Excited????

To win this give-away all you need to do is:

  1. Click here and browse through India Circus site and tell us the name of your favorite product and why you love it. Leave the comment below this post, in the comments section. (Please log in to your Gmail account while leaving your comment below, Anonymous entries will not be valid)
  2. To double your chances of winning click here and tell us what is unique about India Circus products. (you need to log in to face book while doing this step). The last day to participate is  2nd May.
  3. Stay tuned on my Face book page to get updates on winners. Your give-away will be shipped to you by India Circus. Spread the word people if you want your loved one to participate as well.

All the best everyone!!! Thank you India Circus for hosting this beautiful Give-away to my readers.

Images via India Circus


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Design Rescue

Don’t we all love giving that extra touch for our guests through our invites for special occasions or business functions? And to have someone take over this task takes away most of your stress in planning. Design Rescue is one such destination that creates unique, stylish and artistic invites and set the mood and tone for your occasion.  Designer and owner of Design Rescue, Sarah John, based in Oman, creates one of a kind invites, giving perfection and attention to details and also revamps your brand image.

Here is what Sarah had to say about her passion.... over to you Sarah

How did it all begin?
My name is Sarah and I come from a family of artists (of sorts!) My mom is a fabulous artist but she found her true calling in architecture and interiors. My sister is an architect by profession, but she found her passion in fabric and I, ironically am a Textile Designer, but my heart lies in Graphic design. I am a Fine Arts graduate from Stella Maris College, Chennai with a post graduate degree in textiles from NIFT. I was working with textile brands in India, till I moved to Muscat with my doctor husband. While I was doing my Fine Arts, I realised most industries depend on graphics for their effective advertisement, brand building and growth. Graphic design is an aesthetic skill through which you visually communicate effectively to potential clients.
Here in Muscat, I realised that textile production is almost non-exsistent. To while away time, I started helping out a friend in Dubai online with a lil graphic work to assist her with her textile business and then my sister prompted me, badgered me and basically pushed me into opening an online graphic design store on Etsy. That’s how Design Rescue was born.
Do you have a designing background? Where do you get your inspirations for your design? And what’s your favourite project or design that you have done so far?
My Fine Arts background has greatly helped me in my work. I like neat clear cut lines without clutter. The basic philosophy is combining aesthetics with clear definitions for each element in my design. Every line and dot has a purpose and is not randomly placed without thought. My favourite projects till date have been weddings. I love designing wedding invites and the whole lot of stationary that goes with it... starting with the ”save the dates” to table menus and seating arrangements,. A lot of thought goes into it and it’s further personalized by the customized input from the couple. I once had a journalist couple from DC, who wanted an invite and accessories, resembling a newspaper announcement!
Are your clients based within Oman? Do you have an online shop and accept customization?
Most of my clients are from US, UK, Australia, Dubai and India. They see my work on etsy or on my FB page or Pinterest and if they want something specific, they contact me or if they don’t require any customization, they just go ahead and buy the listings, straight from my shop!
What’s the future you wish for Design Rescue?
In a few years time, I hope to see Design Rescue, evolve at a slow comfortable pace and I carve a niche for myself in a little studio of my own with my always helpful husband and awesome kids! J
Have a look at some of my favourite designs
a quirky business card

Birth Announcement

Wine tasting invite

Save the date card in vintage design

Wedding Invite

Thank You cards

Click here to browse through her shop and here for her Face book page. And email Sarah at if you have any enquiries or customization. So let your imagination run wild as Sarah will create those beautiful invites for you that is exactly as you envision.

Images via Design Rescue

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Got Featured and a New Look

Past two days I was in a burst of creative energy and I finally got to redesign my blog. Today I launch a fresh new look and it still needs a little bit of tweaking here and there.

So what do you think of the new look? Do you like it?


And to share good news, I am so thankful for the opportunity to do an article for a premier Lifestyle magazine here in Oman called Faces. Here is the article and I will post the link as soon I get it.


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Display Pictures on your wall

There is so much of joy when we get our pictures framed but eventually the stress creeps in when it’s time to hang it on the wall. I love hanging family pictures and art on my wall. And I shudder a bit when I see an empty wall or even a cluttered wall with no balance. Grouping pictures and different art pieces artistically is an art and requires a little bit of imagination to give a streamlined look, eclectic or asymmetry.

Here are some styles to display your pictures
Image via apartment therapy

Image via apartment therapy

Image via apartment therapy

Image via Quick Click Design Studio

What is your favorite style?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two Years of Blogging

This week my blog passed the two year mark. Two years back, I came across some amazing and creative blogs that inspired me to start one. And I found myself page marking, adding links to my favorites like home décor tips, beautiful home tours, recipes, DIY, works of artists and photographers and I thought why not collate everything, document and create a visual dairy. And that’s how Tickled by Inspirations was born.

My blogging journey so far had its ups and downs and it gave me a way to celebrate creativity and beauty around me, sprouted opportunities and made friends near and far. I even discovered my love for photography. And I hope to discover more in my journey.
A big thanks to my readers and followers for motivating me and giving me an opportunity to share my passion with you all. For those who left comments on my posts and Face book page, thank you, you all kept me going!

Stay tuned for more inspirations and for some exciting news…. there are some give-aways coming up!!
With Love, Happiness and Gratitude

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