Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Inspiring Ways to Style Open Shelves

Everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to open shelves.  Aesthetically it looks beautiful. An open shelf system is ideal when you don’t have storage and when you have a spare wall with no cabinets. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and definitely not mine, even though I have a couple of open shelves in my home. The thought of dusting it always puts me off… but lately I am beginning to get obsessed with open shelves. Most people love the styled look on an open shelf because it adds personality, charm and warmth but dusting is always a worry… but I guess it can be tackled. Open shelving is great for smaller homes because it can save space. And it breaks the monotony of closed cabinets and gives a big visual impact. It is also cost effective when compared to closed cabinets.

Image via House&Home
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Here are some tips on how to handle an open shelf
  • Style the shelf with a colour palette in mind
  • Groups of two clusters or 3 and each of them are in different heights to draw attention
  • Display your favorite things on open shelves that are attractive to look at but space them out to give an uncluttered look.  
  • If you have a spare wall in your kitchen and no pantry, open shelves is an ideal solution. 
  • If you own a set of gorgeous crockery, open shelves are the best way to show them off.
  • Use houseplants to add a green effect or use herb plants if the shelf is placed in your kitchen. 

Image via The Spruce
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Open Shelves for Laundry Room, Image via HomeDit 

Do you love open shelves? Would you switch to open shelves if given a chance? Do you have any in your home and how have you styled it? If you wish to share your open shelf styling, please email me at tickledbyinspirations@gmail.com . I would love to share it with my readers!

Looking forward to hearing from you!