Thursday, May 19, 2016

Copper Restaurant Review

Besides good food, you get the crowd to a restaurant through a great décor and design concept. Copper Restaurant is one such destination where the design, décor and food work in perfect harmony. It is new in town and I have heard mixed reviews so I had to check it out myself. Its décor is very impressive…  It is urban industrial and minimally decorated with large spot lights with a fairly large expansive layout. Their seating plan is divided into two – one with an open area of tables and chairs and also with fairly big booths… and the second area has high tables and chairs which is closer to the chef’s open kitchen. I personally love the artwork on the wall… the display of motorbikes and bicycles… and the strips of neon lights on the ceiling… and of course the kid’s play table. My 5 year old was happy to have that table all to herself!

We – I, my family and friends… sat down at the booth, where the seating was comfortable and I had a good view of the chef’s kitchen as well. The menu is not very extensive as expected therefore we were not spoilt for choice. As starters we ordered honey glazed prawn popcorn and potato poppers and both were an absolute delight. For drinks we ordered Grape iced tea and Vanilla shake…. But I have to say that the Vanilla shake ordered by our friends topped my iced tea. As for main, we ordered straight to their signature dish, copper burger along with seafood chowder soup. I totally loved the presentation and plating… the food looked so photogenic! But I wasn’t impressed with the soup… it was runny and not thick like it is supposed to be…. And the burger was not very juicy and flavorsome as expected… maybe our expectations were way too high….  And to add the service of the waiters was quick but not engaging and warm enough. It is of my opinion that the staff’s infectious positive attitude has a huge role in meeting up a customer’s expectation. Therefore we didn’t really venture into ordering desserts.

But I will definitely go back to try out their breakfast menu and hope to have a better experience! And I have to say again that I totally loved the ambience there!

Here is their location

Copper Restaurant
Sayh Al Malih Street, Qurum
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 8am-10pm; 
                             Thursday-Saturday, 8am-11pm
Tel: +968 - 2456 4292

All images are clicked by me 


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dreamy Balcony Décor

Summer has arrived… its hot outside but I still dream of outdoor spaces… To those who live in big cities, an outdoor space is something that they can only dream of… and balcony is the only source that they can enjoy some fresh air without leaving their apartment, witness many sunrises, sunsets & rains, a place where you connect with your loved ones or friends over a cup of coffee… or connect with yourself with a glass of wine. So let’s find out ways to inject some life to your balcony and take it to the next level…

So before I give tips on how to make that balcony cozy, have a look at this gallery of beautiful balconies for inspiration.

Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Image via here
Bohemian inspiration... love the hammock here! Image via here

a dreamy balcony for sure with globe lights lit up, Image via here

Here are some tips to make your balcony cozy and beautiful

·         Display plants and flowers with quirky pots to make it look pretty. Use hanging baskets or shelves to display plants and this will save your precious space for your balcony.

·         Place small table and chairs with comfy colorful pillows. Make sure to position your furniture well and try not to make it overcrowded.  It’s a perfect corner for you to chill, read and have your cup of coffee

·         To light up at night use string lights or candle lantern or globe lights… this will give a cozy magical feeling and a great atmosphere during your summer evenings.

·         Cover the floor with a small outdoor durable rug to add texture to your space.

Are you ready to add that charm to your balcony? I hope this post has sparked your creative ego!!