Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bohemian Inspiration

Today I am drawn towards Bohemian lifestyle that is colourful, warm and eclectic. Bohemian décor is a blend of vintage furniture, fabrics, bold colours that has a contemporary twist.
Here are a few images from Lonny showing Bohemian inspiration

Love the blend of colours in the living room

Colourful fabric and floral wall paper
Love the striped fabrics used for outdoor area

Bohemian traditional bedroom with floral pictures
Colourful hexagon side table

Vintage Bathroom Cabinet and mirror
Blue Bathroom with striped shade

Are you Boho inspired?

Images via Lonny

Monday, April 29, 2013


Are you looking for some funk and madness in your day to day products? Kirruk is the place to be that's based in Bangalore. They have products like magnets, clocks, hooks, toothpick holders, picture frames which are Indian in inspiration, coated with quirkiness, bright colours and a dash of insanity. They are also involved with design work like logos, ads, menus and packaging. I love their work  and I couldn’t stop smiling while browsing through their products.  It just brings life to our mundane routine.

Enjoy this fun brand!
A Picture Frame
Clock made out of recycled paper
Toothpick holder
Key Holder
Menu designed by Kirukk
Menu designed by Kirukk

If you would like to get in touch with them please write to Rashmi at rashmichandy@yahoo.com or click here to access their Facebook page.

Images via Kirukk

Thursday, April 25, 2013

West Elm Calling....

It’s a beautiful morning today and the sun is shining bright. And today I am in love with West Elm, based in Brooklyn, New York, that has a fantastic range of home decor products like lamps, furniture and beautiful fabrics.

Enjoy my pick from WestElm!
Colourful Cushions

Love the mustard colour

Beautiful playful lamp

Urban and Colourful Jewelry box

Love this glamourous floor lamp stacked with mercury glass spheres
Carved Rocking Bird
Crepe Lilies that can be hung on windows, bansiters or wall
Which one is your favourite?
Images via West Elm

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And The Rain Continues.......

The rains continues in Oman….there is thunderstorm and wind …… and the temperature drops!! What a relief!!


And what better reason for us to enjoy the weather before the long hot summer begins…..

Enjoying the sound of my wind chime
Peek-a-boo.... a little birdie taking shelter from rain
I am enjoying the weather while it lasts…..

my neem tree flowers gathered together in the wind


What do you enjoy doing most when the weather is rainy outside?

Images are clicked by me

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rains: A Great Tuesday Morning Distraction

It’s great to be out today and enjoy the fantastic weather here in Oman. The rains always have a strange effect on everyone…some love to just snuggle back into their bed…. Some love to read or go out…. Some love to blog, listen to their favourite music and have hot chai (that’s me!)…. My garden looks fresh and joyous today and I can’t imagine anything more perfect than the fantastic view from my garden.  Hope this weather continues….

My Garden

My Guardian in my garden enjoying the rain!


View from my Kitchen window
Time for Tea!!
Images are clicked by me

Monday, April 22, 2013

Patang Decors

Patang Decors, based out of New York, is a venture started by Pallavi Dharnidharka, whose inspiration is mainly from pop colours and kitschy designs which are reflected on Patang’s products like cushion covers, trays, coasters, tealight holders and quirky jackets.

Enjoy the colour burst!!
Colourful Trays
Magazine Holders
Recycled Bottles
At present Pallavi is busy with exhibitions in India. Click here to access her facebook page for more updates and here to purchase her products online.

Images via Patang Decors

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Through my Lens – Crown Plaza, Muscat

Do you ever wish that you were a tourist in your own city and see everything around you from a different perspective?

Sharing two images clicked at Crown Plaza, Muscat.


Images are clicked by me

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greek Interiors: Dream home of Hotelier Costis Psychas

Hotelier Costis Psychas built his dream home on the coast of Santorini in Greece. While browsing through the pictures of his beautiful home in Elle Decor, all I could sense was tranquility. The Greek interiors were sparse but luxurious and magnificent in every way. The white interiors, rounded ceilings, low tables and other furniture and the view of the sea make this home a peaceful retreat. This is a home I would like to get away for the weekend.

Enjoy the interiors of this home and it’s definitely a feast for our eyes!!
View from the terrace

Click here to view the rest of the home.

Images via Elle Decor

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stylish Staircase

I instantly fell in love with these two stylish staircase featured in HouseBeautiful. The first one is an open staircase incorporated as a bookshelf which is practical and has a lot of storage. And the second one is a vintage spiral staircase which looks dramatic. Which one is your favourite or do you like both?


Images via HouseBeautiful