Sunday, June 12, 2016

House of the Month: Bindu Joseph's Residence from Kerala

Today’s home feature is a symphony of luxury and simplicity. Bindu Joseph, based in Kerala has created her beautiful space into a retreat. It is truly a home made with a dash of colour, textures, ethnicity and lots of love. Bindu is a collector and has created beautiful vignettes in different corners of her home that blends together in harmony. Everything in her home is so neatly aligned. Even the walls in her home are sprinkled with accessories, giving character to each room and corner.

A word of caution… This home is screaming with beauty and grace as you browse these pictures!! Enjoy the virtual tour!  And let’s hear more from Bindu as she takes us around her beautiful home.

"I live in India ( Kerala ) with my husband and three kids. I am a decor addict and I love to collect things for my house where ever I go…    my house is almost thirty years old and when we wanted to renovate our house I took charge of the complete floor plan. Since I am not qualified technically I approached a qualified engineer and the result is what you see. I had a clear idea about everything…. we just broke some walls for bigger space and more light. I have been collecting artifacts for the past ten years.
Speaking about the favourite spot it's really big tough for me because I love every nook and corner of my house. I am a seasonal decor so love to change things now and then. You can't find things in one place all the time that's me..
. According to me there is no rule for decorating and I should always follow the trend it's completely upto you because it's our home and space go ahead. Thanks Rachel for giving me the opportunity to feature my house in your blog. ."

Love the fusion of colours in this room

This is an old elephant chair which she has repurposed and paired with Jaipur textiles...

the lamps and the brass artifacts gives an ethnic feel in this foyer space

A room with global décor and I love the blue and white scheme here...adorned with beautiful ceramics

Love this dreamy patio... a perfect spot to just sit and enjoy the rains

I could sit here forever with a book a mug of coffee... so cozy

Gallery wall... isn't this breathtaking?

Great idea of hanging beautiful frames with reindeer heads... and the contrast white against grey walls is brilliant.

beautiful vignette created in this corner

Home is where the heart is.... and I say Kitchen is the heart of every home... such a warm and inviting kitchen

Thank you Bindu for giving us a tour of your beautiful home.... I am so sure that we have plenty of inspirations to take away!!

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All images are via Bindu Joseph