Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tea Time with Alaknanda Kumar

 Alakanda Kumar, a creative consultant by profession, is making a mark in the world of décor topped with her passion for photography. I have been following her work for a while. It is absolutely pure joy to see her work and experiment with colours, vignettes, creative ideas and vignette. If you follow her work you will also find her home so tastefully done up. Every corner in her home has a story to tell. Her aesthetic touch is what keeps her work unique and her eye for photography is an extension of all the beauty she sees around.

To know more about what drives Alakanda, please read the interview where she speaks about design, culture, interiors, textures and more

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

 When not satiating the shutterbug in me, I find myself juggling between my job as a creative consultant and chasing my preteen for homework. Born in a Konkani-Managlorian family, I spent a fair share of my childhood in Gujarat (which had a big influence on my hobby), before moving to Mumbai. Though a science graduate, I pursued my passion for arts and built a career in graphics and design.


2. Where do you get inspiration to do up your home?

 Growing up in Gujarat, the vibrant colours and rich textures that embodies its culture was etched into my mind. Having a strong fascination for bold and contemporary Indian art intrigued me to try my hands on it. And that's how painting became one of my hobbies. During my early years in 80s when there was no Pinterest, home interior TV shows and art and decor magazines served as the greatest source for an ultimate design. Today we have inspiration just a click away. 


3) What's your favorite décor style?

 I have always found myself trying to strike the right balance between Indian and contemporary styles. As much as I adore white and open spaces, I tend not lean towards minimalism or even maximalism. That said, I keep experimenting with different styles.

 4) What's your favorite décor element or accent in your home?

 It’s hard to zero-in on a single element. Candles and cushions are like wine and cheese; they complement each other so perfectly that you’d be hard-pressed to leave them out. Another element that I swoon over are mirrors. A perfectly placed mirror doesn’t just add glamour and pique interest, but accentuates a sense of space and maximizes light. Thanks to my penchant for pottery, I always find myself styling my space with earthy accents like vases and figurines.


5) Do you have a favorite corner or space in your home? And why is it your favorite?

 As much as we adore our home, we all have that corner where we could retreat to our little cocoon after an exhausting day. Mine is a space in the living room that is our reading nook. The beauty of this corner is that I could be lost in a book or in the tunes my son plays on his piano and not strays away from what’s happening around in the house.

6) Any tips or advice for décor lovers out there?

 - I believe that your home is a reflection of your personality, and if one starts understanding this, every nook and cranny of your home will brain out the artist in you.

 - Before discarding any old furniture or accent, think if it can be repurposed. An old, rickety wooden window could be an excellent wall piece (I tried that ;) )

 - If your place is too cluttered, one’s mind would be overwhelmed with all the elements, and hence, my advice would be to do less with more.

 Thank you so much for sharing your journey and sharing some amazing tips of home décor. Looking forward to seeing more inspiring work from you.

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All the above pics are by Alaknanda Kumar