Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mango Meringue Cream

I find it impossible to walk by ripe mangoes at the market without grabbing a few… And these exceedingly juicy and wonderful fragrant mangoes make fabulous easy desserts like mango mousse, fruit salads, sorbets and upside-down cakes and I hope I have inspired you to make some of my favorite mango recipes over the past one year. Today’s recipe is another perfect summer recipe which you can make at the last minute if you have the ingredients bought and kept ready. Mango Meringue Cream is one of my favorite weeknight summer dessert when you are yearning for that touch of sweetness. And it’s beautiful to serve in pretty glasses and easy to impress anyone!


Whipped cream:  1 1/2 cup

2 large ripe Mangoes to make puree

Chopped Mango for Garnish: 1 medium

Store bought Meringue (else you can make mini ones if you have time) – 1 big one or a couple of small ones

Chocolate for garnish

1. Peel the large mangoes and cube and puree it in food processor until smooth.

2. Beat the whipping cream and keep it ready.

3. Crush the meringue into pieces and add it to the whipped cream.

4. Layer the serving glassed with mango puree on the bottom, then a layer of whipped meringue cream and garnish it with cubed mangoes and chocolate. I used McVites Digestive nibbles for garnish as well.

It’s that simple and hassle free!!! And you can also improvise this recipe adding your own flavours like coconut or granola or nuts… possibilities are endless! I would love to hear if you loved this recipe.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Recycle Ideas and Inspiration

I know many who are spreading awareness in recycling and doing their bit to save earth… and they have all inspired me to do my bit for our planet.  And I hope to pass the same values to my daughter… Kids these days are taught in school about sustainability and recycling which is brilliant as they shape our future leaders with responsibility towards our planet. Modern ideas help us to reuse and recycle old newspapers, wood, plastic and fabric.

I started collecting plastic containers and glass bottles to use as planters, storage and for décor…  So todays post is all about glass bottles and glass containers and how I recycle it…
 I generally use recycled glass containers for storage. They are great to store pulses, spices, herbs, homemade pickle and chutney or fruit pulp. I also use them for packed lunches like layered salad. 
And I use glass bottles as vase for home décor (especially coloured ones) or to store water, fresh juice or homemade wine. And as outdoor décor you can upcycle your glass bottles as candle holder for your garden or patio. 

I would love to hear from you if you have more creative ideas and tips. I hope my tips has made you think twice before you throw away any glass jar and bottle away and help you simplify your recycling habits and inspire you to reduce your carbon footprint. I hope to bring more posts on recycling and if you have more ideas please email and I would love to share your ideas. Until next time Keep Calm and Recycle!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Table Setting Inspiration from my home

How do you feel about place settings? Whether its breakfast, weekend brunch or an intimate dinner, would you experiment with a perfect table setting in your home? I believe that a beautifully set table can add to the mood for any meal and bring together your family and friends.
I’d like to share a place setting inspiration from my home and I hope you get inspired and attempt to experiment in your home. 

In order to start the whole process of table setting, you need to decide if you wish to set the table with a fitting table cloth with placemats or none... or just use a table runner. I used a plain table cloth with placemats.

To set the mood for your table setting you need to arrange center pieces. Choose effortless yet elegant arrangements by using flowers, candles or fruits. I decided to go for a minimalistic approach… sticking to a simple flower arrangement and tea-lights. 

The last step is to decide on your flatware, glassware and napkins. After the flatware is arranged, layout the napkin on the plate or underneath the fork and Voila!! The table is set!

I hope this has inspired you and helps make the task seem less stressful and enjoy the whole experience!

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Casual Table Setting Inspiration

A casual table setting is a simplified version of an informal table setting. You can choose your theme and colour scheme and match your flatware to set a tone. A simple family meal or a meal with friends where each has a plate, napkin, basic flatware and a water or wine glass is what constitutes a casual table setting. And you can blend in your creativity with gorgeous center pieces to set the mood. What I love about our casual table dining meals is that our dining table becomes the focal point which is often neglected in our busy routine! Try it out at least once a week as a nice tradition, you will be surprised to see yourselves eat together more often!

I am going to share with you a link where I normally run a rain check on how to set a table. Please click here. Thank God for Google and I pull out a cheat sheet to check the table setting etiquette all the time. But there are plenty of other links to go through and you may find better ones that will suit your taste.

Some of the basic pointers to keep in mind:

·         Use a fitting table cloth for your dining table.

·         Layout a placemat if using one.

·         Decide on your flatware, glassware and napkins.

·         Once the flatware is arranged on the placemat, layout the napkin on the plate or underneath the fork.

·         Choose effortless yet elegant arrangements using flowers, candle or fruits as center pieces.

Here are some pictures to browse through to set you in the mood and enjoy entertaining your family and friends.
Picture via HouseBeautiful
Love the rich hues and stripes...
Picture via HouseBeautiful
Enance your cutlery on your napkin by tying them up with a ribbon
Picture via HouseBeautiful
Spring vibe on the table

Stay tuned for more tablescapes!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Table Setting Inspiration

An attractive table setting adds joys to the whole dining experience. And I love creating beautiful tables whether it is formal, casual or informal… You will find on the net different ways, methods and etiquette to set the table but styling it all depends on our taste.

So stay tuned to my upcoming post to browse through different kinds of table styling, whether it is casual, formal or informal. And how to make it look pretty in different styles!