Thursday, November 21, 2019

Recipe for Chocolate Pie

The winter is taking its course in our part of the world… and the baking season has started. Chocolate Pie was always in my mind but I never got to try it out for some reason.... until last week I came across this recipe which is stress free! The Chocolate Pie recipe is adapted from "Baker by Nature" .… this is currently one of my favorite make ahead recipe because it tastes even better the following day. I call it as my "Gone to Heaven Chocolate Pie." It is very decadent, rich, silky smooth, dreamy and you will have your share finished in the blink of an eye…. And the texture is just perfect. This is my first ever chocolate pie and as you can see the tart shell doesn’t look perfect to look at and that is because I didn’t use a proper pie dish or tart baking tin. Other than the looks it just tasted divine.

You can serve it with whipped cream or strawberries / raspberries with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes, or just dusted cocoa powder! Either way it is going to taste divine!

I hope you get to try it out. Leaving you with some pictures to just tempt you to try and make.... Meanwhile click here for the recipe from "Baker by Nature".

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